Our Prizes are Your Opportunities

The prizes we offer are aimed at giving your idea the best chance for success. We do this by providing a world-class online program for you to learn the knowledge and abilities needed to make your business successful and then connecting you with opportunities to do real business.

On top of this, we will be providing competitions with opportunities such as:

Financing your Idea

National winners will receive monetary rewards and national recognition for their idea, to help bring you to the next level.

Travel to Silicon Valley, California

Winners of local competitions will get the opportunity to travel to Silicon Valley, one of the leading hubs of innovation in the world. The trip includes a multitude of events that help you to experience what Startup life is like, pitch your idea on a global platform and obtain opportunities for investment or the globalisation of your idea.

Other Competitions and Prizes

The program also includes a number of mini-contests that allow you to show off certain skills and be rewarded for them. Prizes are normally in line with the contest and are designed to potentiate your skills or give you more opportunities in the business world.