Founded Sharing Economy

Obtain access to Competitions, Classes, Tools, Discussions, Mentors and More

The Founded Network has created a sharing economy of innovation support resources. Most of what is offered is made available for free, due to the kind nature and feed-it-forward attitude of our participating Centres, Collaborators, and The Founded Team. If you are interested in having access to more resources on a specific topic, contact us via We can help you get educational content, mentors with specific skills, business tools (e.g. accounting, marketing, websites, etc.) and consulting services for free or much less than you are currently paying. We perform our own due diligence, but local initiatives have the final say on what is delivered to their participants.

We will soon be releasing a platform where universities and other innovation programs can organise their resources online and give access to their students. The platform allows participants to interact within their centre or with other participants across Australia, answer questions submitted by industry or government, and obtain business opportunities. The platform can also be used by incubators to engage their local ecosystem and evaluate participants for entry into their incubator programs.

Interested in providing resources?

We are looking to share as much quality content as possible. If you would like to contribute in any way, please get in touch via We will make sure you are compensated in some way for what you offer.