Centres that Participate in the Founded Network

Local Grassroots Initiatives are what makes our ecosystem strong. This list contains Universities, Incubators/Accelerators and Co-Working Spaces that are connected to our network, sharing resources with each other, and taking advantage of Founded Services and Collaborators. It includes information for you to find and connect with the Centres that can help you. To become a Centre in our network, Contact Us!


Centres in the ACT

Free 3 month program with startup education for anyone in the ACT and prize pool for student ideas


Contact Person: Vicki Stanley - vicki.stanley@innovationact.org

Centres in New South Wales coming soon!

Centres in the Northern Territory coming soon!

Centres in Queensland coming soon!

Centres in South Australia coming soon!

Centres in Tasmania coming soon!

Centres in Victoria

Accelerator and a range of startup events run from the University of Melbourne


Contact Person: Clare Harding - clare.harding@unimelb.edu.au

Centres in Western Australia coming soon!