About Founded

Our Mission

Innovation is currently a priority for almost all companies and universities in Australia, as around 50% of economic growth is driven by innovation. Studies have shown that companies which collaborate with research institutes are more than doubly likely to report increases in productivity, are more likely to develop new-to-world products and services, have an improved recruitment pipeline and professional learning environment, and have an increased economic growth. Companies recognise that collaboration is key to enhancing innovation, however, the level of innovation in Australia is extremely low with the country ranking last out of 26 OECD nations in collaboration between “innovative-active” businesses and public research institutions. The main arguments given by businesses as to why they are not collaborating are that they are not aligned with the goals of the university, they don't know where to start, or they do not have the right connections with people who can help. Founded has the experience and skills to guide companies in how they should interact with universities to create long term win-win situations. We provide the framework for success in innovation through building the right relationships between industry and public research, and acting as an intermediary who can make sure that both parties have their goals represented clearly in the relationship.

From the perspective of research institutes and entrepreneurs, we are here to support the development of ideas into successful businesses - the more ideas that we support from the start, the better our future becomes. We feel that grassroot initiatives are key to developing the entrepreneur ecosystem. There are a great number of local programs to support innovation and entrepreneurship, but it is often hard for them to access the best resources and services. Through our program, we are looking to connect the local entrepreneur communities, and develop their digital resources to reflect their work in the physical world. We also support participants to develop a greater volume of higher quality ideas and for the incubators to easily evaluate and onboard more suitable projects to their program.

To do this, we are developing a digital platform where universities and incubators can bring together all their resources and easily supply them to their students. On top of this, we will provide access to a range of educational material, business tools and mentors that will allow incubators to increase their scale and capabilities. These resources come from the best quality incubators that already exist, and from our own verified network of experts. We aim to generate a large range of opportunities for participants to meet like-minded people, share their ideas, compete in a number of business-oriented competitions, and obtain national or international funding. If you have would like our support, Contact us!